Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ulf Stolterfoht, Trans. Rosmarie Waldrop

fistsize words/wounds

(eg the wound BECAUSE) for if we picture the
thinker then altogether bold. does frege perhaps
fretfully ask "horse?" as a matter of course he
does not. to him a concept is a thing. meaning
even passion. as for an outside world no doubt
is gnawing at him. and yet: of unavoidable we

have to speak. of hard language when he
claims: the city of berlin's a city. volcano
vesuvius a volcano. the wound BECAUSE might
well be ditto. according to him it is not.
to him falsehood is true value. a song of
songs. and art how lithe his language sounds.

far out begins a rumbling. of meta-stuff/
cognition-increase/sense. begins with: "i was there.
i have experienced the BECAUSE." shows wounds.
and leaves. such terse confession is remembered
long. has unheard-of effect. however: calling his
"experience BECAUSE" - this far we haven't got.

let us picture the thinker then: as a young beast.
speckled. bashful. nicely with scruples hung.
gutshot and pup-shy he is in generating the
BECAUSE. let us picture the thinker: frail he
leans against the snow and wind. and then:
we really see the thinker in front of our eyes.

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