Saturday, July 12, 2008

Slow Poetry & Black Swans

Slow Poetry

and Responses To the potentially corrupt and bourgie-ness of the idea.

Also, the shit continues at Dale's blog, which is linked over there >

Ok, I'm all for the "How to Live, What to Do-ness of this lil idea. SI and I were talking about Black Swans, uncertainty and unpredicability, and somehow this morphed into a discussion of our sense of the pained selfconsciousness of the sort of "poetry community" thing, and where we fit into that thing. L and I have also talked about "experimental" poetry basically just equals good poetry. So, anyway, this slowness is something I like, but I'm aware of the problems - I don't feel like it's neccessary to blog about it too much, but I often return to Bhanu K's question about my Merced poems: "If chaos is sleepy, what wakes it up?" - Mercediana is a place that needs its non-blog-egghead slowness, and doesn't need anymore chaos, poor city.

Don't need no Jesus and Mary Chain.

This also has something to do with an idea I've been talking to Steve Kramp about, "Slow Sports." He kept asking me what was happening in the NBA championships, and I didn't know - B-Ball being too fast for me - I spoke of "Slow Sports," mostly baseball, but also, watched some golf. The social problems of golf are just too much for me, but I loved watching the U.S. Open - So, slow, dreamy, and with a strange body kind of thinking.

Also, went to see the A's play the Mariners with my friend Scott Ralston. 0-0 until the 6th, A's get two home runs (one from Kurt Suzuki - it was his first at-bat, he was pinchhitting - just weird!) in the bottom of the 9th, and win on another homer in the bottom of the 11th.

Anyway, my point is, Scott and I started yawning in the 8th inning, before it got interesting. I love it. Boredom, not ennui, not decadence...just the pace of life kind of replicated. The long-ish view. A tired, heavy-lidded attention.

Can we talk about the politics of this stuff a bit? Lauren's up in Montana, Megan'll be here soon, so this post might sit for awhile.

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Steve said...

"The social problems of golf are just too much for me, but I loved watching the U.S. Open - So, slow, dreamy, and with a strange body kind of thinking."

Actually, golf is quite democratic, and a lot of us "poor" folks play the game, especially of course at less expensive golf courses. Our playing partners come in all colors, age groups, genders, political persuasions, sexual preferences. AND the "slow sport" of golf doesn't require a playing partner or golf course, either. I myself spend countless hours at the village park just hitting balls and walking from one corner to the other. Has endless meditation or Discipline effect," like Zazen, Yoga, Tai Chi, Endurance Running (also a slow sport and one that requires "slow switch" muscle fibers).