Sunday, December 21, 2008

the best friends write the best books

the best people and the best poems,

jared's book will be on all our shelves! this is a suitable topic for venturing out on a blog promontory again.

jessica's book will be strewn atop our record collections! that could bring a person out.

in honor, and because i am reading bill luoma's works and days, i am thinking of some memory scraps of jessica and jared.

1. when i met jared, i thought he was a jerk because he was shouting and giving nicknames to bars. it turns out that he is kind (and spazzy) (and i am judgmental).

2. when i met jessica she was sitting on the floor surrounded by thousands of heaps of uncollated xeroxes she was putting in packets one by one by one.

3. when i met jessica and we became friends it was in the library and she was at the water fountain wearing tiny running shorts and a san antonio t-shirt with a ram's head.

4. jared would wear a t-shirt with a sheepdog head.

5. jessica, who used to not have a phone and used to not have the internet and eventually coped with it by having it be a game called the INTERNET (like OFFICE was a game for working) now has an ebay store.

6. jared has and has had a mega-domestic space like duncan and jess, fiestaware.

7. jessica showcases arrangements, like 70s moods distilled on dressers and tables, similar to her mix tapes, and reminiscent of her ebay store.

8. i asked jared if california was 'dusty' and 'golden'. jared said yes and steve said no.

9. jared's ongoing mark e. smith impression

10. jd savitz - asceticism, beer; buttered mac n cheese fervor.

12 - hey amorist, tune your radio to 84.6!


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