Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ancient mot

dear jared, dear megan,

except for my messed-up back i would have been sitting in this chair sooner - but as it is i will be wiggling out of it again sooner. but i will think on what i've heard here.

j, i am thinking about your experience > writing > poem > reader...
does experience include the experience of bumping around poem while writing it?

bc i can't say that writing is like channeling an experience - much more obstinate and blind than that. more like writing a letter while also frantically describing the shape of the envelope in voice-over. (and contrariness is like powering off the walls.) in odd presentness poems are about the structure of attention.

ways of experiencing the past & future - since i don't have a very good memory, one way i experience the future is by thinking about what in the present i won't remember in the future.

is there a scaffolding to remove?

the patina is really interesting. if poems inevitably gain patina, what does it mean for a fully present poetry?

my thought - poems gain and lose patina - things seem to become invisible from overexposure, then get noticed again when they are invisible enough.

talk more about the lucio fontana painting. see, jared, i posted something!!

ps - the lemur poem is awesome. ancient mot!

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