Tuesday, June 24, 2008

nature loves to hide

i've been ruminating about berlin alexanderplatz, kenny goldsmith, and brent cunningham's new reading series artist statement - wondering if i want to say that the present is the most occult time, because what's hidden while it is present is really, really hidden.

(i love, in brent's artist's statement, the idea of apprehending hidden presences of subtlety and turmoil while in a state of negative irritability).

& whether we (actually, jared, who was we? mrs. maybe?) are engaged in a project of willful mystification - maybe we (the grand we) want to expose the already-existing interstitial mystification. bc nature loves to hide. and more info plus the continued fact of ego = more desire to control. aka one of the ego's mystifications is clarity / purity.

proliferation & summation (drowning & the grid in jared terms).

i don't have time to clarify this - have to run to work - maybe my irritating blather will bait y'all (j, megan, catherine) to write back.

i think that shakespeare's fools may be the most skeptically occult characters.

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